Though a tiny island, the varied cuisine of Sri Lanka makes for an elaborate mosaic through its rich heritage and culture. Jaffna cuisine, the very epitome of fine northern cuisine is presented to you in all its great flavor at the Gardenia Coffee Shop from 26th August to 02nd September 2016. With a history spanning thousands of years in a wondrous blend of great kings, colonial influences and a deep Hindu culture, Jaffna cuisine is as distinct as the region itself. What’s more, the sea beyond the stunning Jaffna lagoon makes fresh seafood dishes an integral part of the culinary offerings.

A true lover of these delights might whisper to you that the best place to have authentic Jaffna cuisine is in the cosy comfort of a friendly home in the north of the island itself – it is this very homemade cuisine that Yaal Virindu recreates for you. Ingredients are carefully chosen with spices being ground by the chefs – nothing is spared in the quest to meet perfection in age old recipes.

The buffet will entail all of Jaffna’s favourite dishes and some that may be considered hidden treasures too.

As you walk in to the Gardenia Coffee Shop be welcomed by the charm of Jaffna. Yaal Virindu will be on at the Ramada Colombo from 26th August to 02nd September for dinner only. Enjoy this splendid spread with our buffet – priced at Rs. 3000 nett per person, half rate for kids. Call 2422001 for reservations.