Originally influenced by the food customs of nations such as China, Portugal and Netherlands among others, Japanese cuisine has since found its own unique identity that has proved immensely popular across the world.

Chef Chamila Perera specializes in Japanese Cuisine and counts over 15 years in the industry. He has worked overseas for much of his career, and was the Sushi Chef at the Nobu Restaurant (Atlantis Hotel – Dubai) and Cipriani in Italy. Additionally he has worked with Japanese food at world renown hotels such as Kurumba Island Resort (Maldives) and Le Meridien (Dubai).

In acknowledgement of early influences on Japanese cuisine, Chef Chamila Perera decided to create a few dishes by combining ingredients and flavours of a variety of international cuisines, with authentic Japanese dishes. The results were so amazingly good that we created ‘Mizu’, an entire menu based on a fusion of Japanese food and International flavours that will shock and amaze your taste buds.

 When directly translated, the Japanese word ‘Mizu’ means ‘Water’, and represents all fluid, flowing and formless things in the world, much like many of the items listed in our innovative new menu.

With dishes such as the Grilled Beef with Japanese Radish Sauce and excitingly creative takes on Japanese favourites such as Yakimeshi, Teppan-Yaki and Sushi, ‘Mizu’ promises all foodies out there, an intriguing gastronomical adventure that will leave your taste buds tingling for more.