It’s the talk of the town. We see girls all dressed up, friends gathered, families united walking to this lovely spread of evening joy hosted by Ramada Colombo.

The ambience at the Ramada lobby is no less than what you’d expect from a real classy high tea. You can listen to classical instrumentals of your favorite songs from live violin and piano music. The guests were in awe at how this instrumental duo filled the whole atmosphere with their tunes, while they indulged in buffet delicacies.

Ramada has brought their very own essence with items like Chicken Tandoori Kathi Rolls, Chicken Karaage – the crispy Japanese dish, and mini chicken kebabs served with different sauces offering a tongue tantalizing experience. The cold food section consists of finely cut and filled sandwiches, mousse buns, salads, tarts, and a tempting assortment of Maki, along with many other choices.  The Ramada high tea buffet’s long sweets section boasts its range of cakes inclusive of cheesecakes, brownies, red velvet cakes, and mini cupcakes along with other sweet treats such as assorted éclairs and mini doughnuts.

Serving a variety of both warm and cold beverages like iced coffee, milk shakes, tea, and coffee, this interesting high tea buffet brings yet another twist with a mocktail action station which instantly became a favorite among the guests.

The Ramada Colombo’s high tea buffet served on every Saturday & Sunday from 3pm to 6pm. The price per person is only LKR 2200/= to enjoy all these heavenly delicacies and we invite everyone to drop in and dive right in.

Call or WhatsApp for reservations: 011 4794399 / 077 7864864