In what is effectively a prelude to our exciting new menu ‘Mizu’, we bring 3 Nights of indulgence with a fusion buffet that is both innovative and exciting. The combination of flavours and favourites from Pan Asian, Western and South Asian cuisine has unsurprisingly led to an amazing amalgamation of dishes that promises to transcend accepted norms and take us to a whole new level of culinary art.

The experienced chefs at Ramada, have put together a vast and diverse array of dishes that include Pasta Kotthu, Clay Pot Roasted Leg of Chicken on Braised Polos Steaks with Chargrilled Pepper Saffron & Pommery Mustard Jus , Lemongrass flavoured Seafood Thermidor with Cheese Mozzarella, a Home Made Loaf of Beef with Polos Duxelles and many more.

The multitude of options at the buffet include Cold Canapés, Compound Salads, Simple Salads, Assorted Cold Cuts, a variety of Dressings, Hot Soup Pots, a Japanese Counter with three action stations, numerous Hot Dishes, Pasta and Carving Stations along with a delectable array of Desserts.

This promises to be one of the events of the year for all you foodies out there, so make your dinner plans and book your ticket now, because this amazing fusion buffet, priced at Rs.3,000/-, is only available from 29th – 31st July 2016.